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We believe that it is critically important, that you make you best effort to pass the state exam on the first try, if NOT, you will have to pay an application fee for another state exam date, wait an addition 4- 6 weeks and re-study everything! plus loss of time and income from not participating in the field.

In addition to passing the state exam on the first try, Your “goal” as a student, should be to find the school and program that is going to make it the most convenient for you to study, give you an easy process to follow and give you the best price for what you receive.

SO, we are going to try to help you achieve your GOAL!

IMPORTANT Sometimes nearly 50% of those taking the state exam, FAIL on the first try.

Why does this happen? 2 reasons: Lack of Study and a Low-Quality Program

So let’s solve this potential problem;

We believe with 100% certainty that we have the best program for you to accomplish your GOAL and present a program far superior than any other!

1. The Qualification Courses that are required to complete in order to schedule a testing date to take your state exam are only pre-requisite courses and are not meant to actually prepare you for the state exam.

The qualification course books with information to use to study has (over 1400+ pages of small print). Only a limited portion of the information is going to be on the state exam, so it would be a great loss of time and energy completing these courses other than just getting the certificates of completions.

We are the ONLY school we know of that has created a focused Exam Review Guide (178-page outline form) that has all the information focused to what’s actually going to be on the state exam.

2. We are completely focused on the California Real Estate Sales Agent and Brokers Exam. You will notice that many of the schools you will find in an online search offer programs in MULTIPLE states and in addition offer programs for Appraisers, Insurance, Contractors licenses, etc.

With that said, How would it be possible for them to focus on any particular state or any one particular career program? It’s probably not!!

Since our focus is 100% towards creating a program to help you pass the California Real Estate State Exam and nothing else, we are going to be able to give you the best possible chance of passing on the first try! Take note, this has been our specialty since our family started with what may have been the first school approved by the Department of Real Estate in 1941.

3. The Top Instructor, D. Sheldon Schwartz known as “The Professor” has been teaching longer than any real estate instructor in the field.

For over 40 years he has taught all over the state, debriefed students and writes and updates all of our programs.

4. Check for yourself, most of the schools don’t even offer a Video Presentation in their programs.

Don’s presentation has been placed on video, so you will get the benefits of both a live classroom situation as well as the repetition by utilizing a home study program.

Think about how easy this process will be, simply watch the video and learn from the Top Instructor in the State. He also uses our 178-page Exam Review Guide to teach from, so you will simply use it to follow along. To accompany our program, Don makes himself personally available by phone to answer all student’s questions throughout the entire program.

5. We offer more study materials and options. Let’s talk about convenience…

Not only do we provide the most complete online study program “POWERPREP ONLINE” ™ we also add the option of adding all the hardcopy materials to the program, Exam Review Guide, Practice Tests and Audio CD.

6. We are the only school that includes in their program a Lightning Review Audio/CD

The Lightning Review Audio/CD has the top 80 minutes of the most important information students should review right before their state exam or listen to on the day of the state exam.

7. We have the lowest overall enrollment costs and value for what you receive.

We have specifically researched the most visible schools on an online search. We looked at their prices, content of the program, type of instruction and experience. We then developed a pricing structure that would give our program at the best value.

8. We have the best support.

If you have a question or problem, we offer many ways to get help, with access to our Customer Service, Head Counselor, Head Instructor and Live Chat Support who can point you in the right direction when needed.

9. We are so confident in our program we offer an unmatched guarantee.

This guarantee pays our students DOUBLE their money back for our entire program if they fail. Since we had began offering this UNMATCHED guarantee, we have had to give out very few refunds. In addition, We believe that those few who had failed, would have been most likely due to lack of study time, which unfortunately we have no control over.

10. We now offer a new “Unique” and “Exclusive” Program that will give you an added EDGE on passing your state exam.

We know that most students had full time jobs, children to care for, daily errands, appointments, weekend activities and a multitude of other tasks that turned out to be so time consuming that it severely limited the time they had available to study. Our DRIVE & PREP is totally “Unique” and “Exclusive” to our school and our students are now able to preserve their normal lifestyles, simply by now being able to utilize time normally wasted while driving and use it to properly prepare for their state exams. The course consists of nearly 12 hours of jammed packed audio information and is currently the only program that allows you to “Study While You Drive”.

So Lets Recap…

  • We provide Information focused to the state exam in the form of a “one of a kind” (178 page Exam Review Guide).
  • We only specialize in the California Real Estate Sales Agent and Brokers exams and nothing else.
  • We are confident to say that we have the “Top Instructor in the State of California”.
  • We have a program that includes Video, so our students can simply watch and learn from the convenience of their home.
  • We offer more materials and options in our program including the most complete “online” study program.
  • We offer a one of a kind “Lightning Review Audio/CD”, you listen to on the way to the state exam.
  • Compare our prices with all other schools and you will find you will get the most value for your money.
  • We have the Ultimate Guarantee, offering to pay students double their money back if they fail.
  • We offer the most support for our students!
  • We offer a program that will give you an important added “EDGE” to passing your state exam. Drive and Prep!

The Question Is…Why Go Anywhere Else?

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